Balance: A New Perspective

fulcrum - balanceBalance. It’s a word that used to make me picture a woman struggling to hold about 14 different teetering plates, and trying not to let any of them crash to the floor in a huge mess.   I’ve lived that way, trying to balance so many areas of my life based on who I thought I should be, and who I thought others wanted me to be.

We can live this way with the best of intentions. It seems Godly to want to do well at taking care of ourselves, our families, our jobs, our friends, our responsibilities. But I can so easily get overwhelmed and run out of energy with all of the things that I feel need my attention in life. Amazingly, I have learned a way of living that brings me peace and confidence. “Having it all” is a lie.   Having balance for this moment, this day, or this season of my life is very possible.

fulcrum lesson 2fulcrum lessonI am learning to live by the Principle of the Fulcrum.   Imagine a yardstick with a fulcrum right in the middle. The stick is your life, and you balance the stick with the fulcrum. It would seem that to balance the stick, you would need to have the fulcrum in the middle and keep equal weight on either side.   But the truth is, when weight is applied to an area, moving the fulcrum closer that that area brings balance. When the Holy Spirit puts “weight” on a certain area of your life, you get a sense in your heart where you need to move your time, energy, or attention. Just move your fulcrum to where He is. When I live this way, I no longer need to judge myself, because I know that in this moment, I am doing the most important thing. I don’t have to fear that other areas of my life will be lacking if I move my attention to one area for a day, a month, a season…or however long I sense God has me there.

Lately my heart has been drawn to my family, and the Spirit is saying to me, “Pay attention to them. You are in a stage of your marriage where distance can form between you if you don’t intentionally choose to notice Gabe, be available to him, be interested in him, and enjoy him.” He’s saying, “Pay attention to Avery. If you allow your cell phone and TV to eat up your time, you will miss out on your chance to know and shape your daughter.” I’m working on moving my fulcrum, my heart, toward my family.   It takes being intentional because I can so easily move other directions.

Understanding the principle of the fulcrum is understanding what it is to be led by the Spirit.
You may sense that you need to:

  • Get help to resolve an issue that keeps coming up in your marriage
  • Invest in taking care of yourself by exercising, eating better, or getting more rest
  • Initiate a friendship
  • Admit you have an addiction and get help
  • Say no to a “ministry” for a season to focus on your toddlers
  • Learn how to keep an organized and welcoming home
  • Ask someone who is good at finances to help you get out of debt
  • Seek counseling for a relational issue that keeps causing you pain
  • Put your cell phone away and really listen to your kids

Don’t resist the Spirit and go the opposite direction because the pressure is uncomfortable. Be brave and move your fulcrum—your heart—where He is putting pressure. It will actually move you to a place of balance.   The Holy Spirit is so kind that He sees down the road and gently alerts us to what’s coming so that we can avoid disasters that may come if we don’t pay attention. He’ll lead you, teach you and instruct you in the way that you should go.

Where is God pressing right now? Where is your heart leading you? Would you be brave enough to move towards that thing and let God bring the balance you need?

This post was written by Jill Moudy. To read more about her, click here


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