Who Would Have Thought?

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-3-44-44-pmWho would have thought that a young man named Kerry from Wisconsin would travel to Texas, meet a girl named Kerry from Kansas, get married, have 6 little Kerrys and live happily ever after? GOD DID! He in his infinite wisdom has blessed us beyond anything that we could have imagined.

I met Kerry on a blind date. He had just graduated from college, become a new Christian, and traveled to Texas to look at the Sunset School of Preaching. My aunt and uncle were his host family, and they quickly began plotting how they could set us up. We went on one double date with my aunt and uncle. I remember thinking that he was nice and rather handsome, in a “lumberjack” kind of way. You know: long hair, beard, hiking boots, and of course, a red flannel shirt. His stay was short and as he left I said, “Write me,” and he replied, “You write me first.”

Well, 7 months passed. I spent that summer in Scotland visiting one of my sisters. While I was there, I met someone else and quickly forgot about the Lumberjack from Wisconsin. Fall came quickly, and one Wednesday evening as I walked into church, I heard someone say, “Hello Kerry.” There stood Kerry, clean-shaven, short hair, dress clothes, a tie, and glasses. He had come to attend the School of Preaching. I had to do a double take; where was the Lumberjack and who was that nerd? My aunt and uncle once again went to work to bring us together.  We had a 6-month engagement and this April we will be married 35 years. Kerry and I have been blessed with a full quiver of children: 4 sons and 2 daughters, 2 beautiful daughters-in-law, 2 precious granddaughters and this April a loving son in-law.

As I reflect on the topic of marriage, it stirs many emotions. The word “journey” comes to mind, and like any journey, it has had its ups and downs. But through it all I have never stopped loving the lumberjack/nerd of a husband that God has given me.

I have learned so much by watching faithful people love one another. God has constantly placed people in my path that inspire me. My sweet neighbors have just celebrated their 71st anniversary. I love to sit with them as the husband is nearing the end of his life on this earth, and watch the tenderness and love that they so effortlessly display. The wife recently said to me, “Kerry, I just don’t understand why people give up so easily. I think that people think someone has to feel ‘lovey-dovey’ all the time. That is just not realistic; there are some days that I don’t even like Harv. But I know that the next day or even the next hour I will fall in love with him all over again.”

Such simple, sweet advice, and oh, how I aspire to be a couple that can encourage people to keep loving and fighting for godly marriages.

This post was written by Kerry Michaels. To read more about her, click here

One thought on “Who Would Have Thought?

  1. Love this Kerry, especially the response from the wife about “the next day or even the next hour I will fall in love with him all over again”. Simply love.

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