The Place Where People Want to Be

Growing up in a family with five children all under the age of seven, one of the things I looked forward to—with great anticipation—was spending the night at my grandparents…by myself!

My grandma was an amazing cook and a wonderful hostess. It didn’t matter if it was just me, or the entire family, the table was set with her good dishes placed atop a placemat, the napkin to the left alongside the fork, with the knife and spoon on the right and my glass placed directly above that, exactly as it should be. Favorite foods were always made, sometimes together, and we would play cards all night long…she knew how to make things special for me, and I loved that!

At a very young age, there were deposits made into my heart that helped shaped who I am today. There are so many ways to create a beautiful and comfortable home, but the home that is full of peace, love and joy is what makes it inviting—a place where people want to be.

I believe that having a servant’s heart, preferring others above myself, is where a beautiful home becomes an inviting home. Sometimes, going “the extra mile” doesn’t require much on my end but means the world to someone else!

I enjoy having treasures with history in my home, things we’ve collected from the places we’ve been. When I look at them, gratefulness fills my heart.

I like to have fresh flowers in my home…they make me smile, reminding me of how the Creator of the heavens and earth takes care of His creation…I don’t have to worry.

I like to have music playing in my home brings peace and joy to any occasion, lifting away any heaviness from the day.

I like to have candles lit when we eat…taking meal time out of the mundane and making it a banquet feast…because the people I’m eating with are that special!

Here are some of the virtues I strive to implement daily, wherever I might find myself:

  • Faith – Visualizing God’s plan and responding accordingly. Can I visualize what God can and wants to do through me and my home?
  • Anticipation – The eager expectation that God’s promises are true and that He will work through my circumstances to fulfill them, not only for me but for others.
  • Availability – Giving up my right to determine how my time and resources are spent. When I hold the resources He’s given me with an open hand, I’ll get them back, in “good measure, pressed down and shaken together” abundance!
  • Enthusiasm – The outward expression of the joy that is in my heart.
  • Gratefulness – A thankful response to the benefits that have come into my life.
  • Generosity – Not being stingy with the resources that could be used to benefit others. I serve a God of “more than enough”!
  • Hospitality – Eagerly sharing the resources of my home to benefit others.

Even in this…especially in this, in these times…heaven can and does invade earth. We should not forget to show hospitality to strangers (and friends), for some have done this and entertained angels without realizing it! (Hebrews 13:2)

This post was written by Connie Paxton. To read more about her, click here. 




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