Never Too Far

Editor’s Note: This semester we’ve focused on Titus 2 and the wisdom God offers us through His word and through relationships with other women. May Christine’s testimony today encourage your faith and you respond to God’s Word in this season of your life.

Reading Titus 2 brought back so many thoughts about being young and growing up in church. It brings to my mind the importance of living a life that reflects Jesus; that daily we leave impressions on many without even knowing it.

As a child, my family was in a very bad car accident traveling in Mexico. I was about 2 years old and I don’t understand to this day how things happened, but in that accident, I was lodged under the passenger’s front seat still strapped in my car seat. As I was in the hospital, my mom turned to the only one that she knew could heal and save me. In that hospital room, doctors gave a good report, but as I began to walk and grow I had problems with my hip.

My mother cried out to God and He responded by telling her to not worry. He said that I was going to be okay and that His plans for my future were to serve Him, even the person I was going to marry would serve Him and speak His Word, and for her not to fear. She believed and held to that promise, and after getting out of the hospital our family became faithful in going to church and we loved it.

Once I hit 13 years of age my eyes were opened and innocence was taken from me due to many things within our church. I began to resent a lot of things that were taught to me through the Bible, but yet taken differently due to convenience by leaders and teachers. I let the actions of others define my relationship with Jesus instead of standing firm on His truth. I began to tell God, “If this is how Your children are, I don’t want to be like them, hypocrites.”

I pushed myself away from God because of what I saw and ended up drifting far off into the world, but one thing I know is that my mom never lost that hope. She never stopped believing in God’s promise of everything being ok and that He had me in His hand.

God is faithful and after being away from God for almost 13 years, He fulfilled His promise to my mother. Due to her faith and her example, Jesus was made so real to me. He came in a moment when I was broken and drowning in my own consequences, but forgave and showed me love, healed me completely, and freed me from all shame.

Being an example for others has been such a huge thing for me. The reason why I have pushed away my flesh’s desire is I don’t want anyone to look at me and have a negative word about Christ. I don’t want to be that stumbling block that trips people up instead of one who lifts them up. I want to be able to teach with authority, truth, and be a living example of the love of Jesus and His truth.

We would like to thank Christine Araiza for contributing this post.

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