Connie Paxton

Connie Paxon and her husband Micah have been married 31 years. They have been a part of the HCF Lubbock campus since summer of 2010. “We have 2 handsome sons (Stratton & Whitman) and an amazing daughter-in-law! Stratton and his beautiful wife Melissa have given us 2 precious granddaughters, Meredith and Caroline. We enjoy 2 puppies, Wellington and Schnitzel who love us no matter what!” Connie enjoys being with family and friends, riding her bike, listening to music, sewing and crocheting, cooking, baking and having dinner parties.

What are some books that changed your life?
My Bible, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller, The Southern Living Cookbook 🙂 

If you could escape all your responsibilities, where would you go?
So many places!! Leaving my responsibilities means money is no option, and that means I could go anywhere, anytime!! And when I’m not going somewhere, I would love to have a beautiful B&B in a beautiful place like Vermont or Charleston and enjoy people enjoying hospitality.

What is one quirky fact about you?
I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and love winter.

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