Elizabeth Loeffler

Hi!! I am Elizabeth Loeffler!! So good to meet you!  I am the wife of Jordan and Momma to Evelyn Hazel (10) and Graham Xavier (6).  I am an 8th grade math teacher at Coronado Elementary School in Plainview, Tx.

My family and I are fairly new to town.  We moved to Plainview in the Summer of 2019 for my husband’s career and have been involved in Harvest Christian Fellowship since the day we got here.   

In my free time, I enjoy reading, toting my kids to all their extracurricular activities, and spending time with close friends and family.  

My hero is my husband.  That sounds cliche, but it’s true.  Apart from Jesus, Jordan is my guide for all things in life because he exemplifies exactly what I’m working to be.  He is an incredible parent, always finding the energy to be ever present with our babies.  He is patient, kind, the very best listener, and quite honestly the least judgemental person I’ve ever known.  He creates a safe space for all who know him and brings an energy of laid-back joy to every room he enters.  He manages his team at Western Equipment with so much grace under incredible pressure.  When I grow up, I want to be just like him. 

As mentioned above, I am a math teacher.  But, if I were not teaching and could do anything I wanted, I would open a dog rescue.  I dream of having a piece of land that has the infrastructure to house and heal stray, abandoned, and abused dogs that have so much love to give even after being oftentimes failed by people.  In this dream, I would have the community support to rescue dogs, have their health taken to tip-top shape including spay & neuter, and I would market these babies to the public so they could find new loving homes to live out their days. God gave me a gift for an oftentimes illogical amount of love for dogs and a need to save them all.  

One lesson from my momma:  My momma, Nancy Dowdell, is the epitome of warmth to all who enter her home.  She is an incredible cook and entertainer.  Mom loves serving others in her home and she makes an art of it.  I have the same love for hosting.  One of my very favorite parts of each week is hosting LifeGroup in my home. I absolutely love opening my doors and loving on everyone that walks in.  I got that from my momma and I’m so thankful for her showing me how to host people with love.