Erin Smart

bio-picErin Smart is married to her husband, Sonny, who is pastor of the HCF Lubbock campus. Sonny and Erin were married in 2003. They have 3 children: Garrett, Bethany, and Ruby. Erin enjoys hanging out with her husband, talking about their dreams or watching their favorite shows while indulging in peanut M&Ms. She also love planning the next school year, researching curriculum, and finding new ones that fit her kids’ learning styles.

What brings joy to your heart?
Apple dumplings – because they are so good, so easy to make, and the whole family loves them.

What books have changed your life?
More recent favorites: The Question that Never Goes Away by Philip Yancey, and Finding Eve by Rita Springer

What area of ministry do you feel most passionate about, and why?
The home. I am called to love and support my husband, and to love and train my children. They’re my favorites!

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