Jess Bell

bio-picJess Bell attends the HCF Amarillo campus, where her husband, Ryan, is an Associate Pastor. Jess and Ryan have been married since May 2011. Jess really loves discussing theology and church history, leading people to Jesus, drinking coffee, traveling, planning parties/events, and cooking. In 2012, she and Ryan combined some of those loves and moved to Northern Asia for missions work. β€œIt was a fantastic time in our lives, but nothing could compare to the blessing of moving to Harvest in Amarillo about 5 months ago. We are so blessed to be part of this church.”

What books have changed your life?
There are many, many books that have changed my life, but some of the books that I’ve recently been into include Boundaries (by Cloud & Townsend) and The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating (Andy Stanley).

If you could escape all of your responsibilities, where would you go?
I would love to backpack through Europe in the winter or explore Thailand in the summer.

What is one quirky fact about you?
I think everything is quirky about me… but it makes life interesting! One fun fact is that I have an identical twin sister πŸ™‚

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