Karen Earhart

Karen bio picKaren Earhart has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 23 years. They attend the Plainview campus and have 3 children:  Laura Beth (19), Todd (16), and John (14)—strangely enough, a blonde, brunette, and red-head. 🙂 Karen enjoys reading and snow skiing. She loves living in a small town with such kind people and the beautiful sunsets here.

What brings your heart joy?
It brings joy to me when I have strong relationships with the students at school and can interact with them in a meaningful but fun way.

What books have changed your life?
Rick Joyner’s Final Quest series, and The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

If you could run away from your responsibilities, where would you go?
I would go to the mountains—I love cold weather and snow skiing. But it is wonderful in the summer as well.

What area of ministry are you most passionate about, and why?
I feel most passionate about teaching and passing on wisdom from one generation to another.  So much is lost when we don’t do that. We can be jump-started by learning from other people’s information and life experiences, and that will take us farther and help us promote the Kingdom faster.