Kerstin DelDonno

bio-picKerstin DelDonno is married to her husband Joe, and they attend the HCF Lubbock campus. They have been married 7 ½ years. “We were high school sweet hearts that got back together. We each have 2 children each, oldest are girls and youngest are boys. Both boys are married and one of the boys and his wife blessed us with our first grandson this past July.

“Before moving from the Dallas area September of 2015, we had been looking for a church, which was the most important thing to us, and we were invited to HCF by the gentleman who was working with us on our house. The first visit at HCF, we felt at home and decided to come again after we moved. I think our 3rd visit we found someone and said ‘sign us up,’ and that was that!”

What do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy taking pictures of nature, sewing when I get a chance, and spending time with family and friends!

If you could escape all of your responsibilities, where would you go?
My escape place would be a tropical island so I could bury my toes in the warm sand and collect sea shells!

What area of ministry are you most passionate about, and why?
My husband and I are passionate about working with young couples before they get married, and couples who may need guidance afterwards. Joe and I want to help others have strong relationships.

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