Rachel Ramirez

bio-picRachel Ramirez attends the HCF Lubbock campus, with her husband Anthony and 2 kids: Shelby and Paxton. They have been coming to Harvest since 2010. Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, cuddling up with her children, shopping with her mom, going to garage sales, spending time with friends and watching movies.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
While I was in college: “Never give up, never surrender!”

If you could escape all your responsibilities, where would you go?
I wouldn’t go very far at all. Actually, I wouldn’t have to leave home. I would be happy staying home in front of the fireplace watching a good movie.

What area of ministry are you most passionate about and why?
The ministry I am most passionate about is hospitality. I love to have people over, and I absolutely enjoy cooking for my guests. I enjoy serving, and I want people to feel welcome. I want them to be a part of what God is doing.

What is one quirky fact about you?
I love to play video games. Old video games like Mario Bros. on Nintendo and newer Mario Bros. video games on Wii.

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