Robin Sanders

Sanders-2060cropRobin was born and raised in West Texas.  She attended Texas Tech University, where she graduated with a degree in Early Childhood.  In 2004 she married Dane Sanders. Shortly after they were married Dane and Robin moved North of Floydada so Dane could pursue a career in farming.  In 2012 Robin began her career as a professional photographer.  She continues to own and operate Robin’s Nest Photography today.  Robin’s greatest joy is raising her three children, Graham, Ansley and Sadie.  She and Dane strive to live by their family motto, Love God, love others, live simply, give generously.”

Who is your hero? And why?

One of my heroes is my husband Dane.  He teaches me about what it means to live by faith.  He leads our family by following God and putting others before himself.  He is a great example.  I am also in awe of the women who care for orphans or serve as foster mothers here in the US and across the globe.  They take on a great responsibility.  They give their hearts and lives away for children that  desperately need them.  Someone did that for my Sadie.  They loved her, knowing that she wouldn’t always be theirs, knowing their heart would break.  Yet they loved anyway.  That is BRAVE!  They are my heroes!

What one event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life?

Being raised by parents who loved and placed God first in our home had a tremendous effect on my life.

If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have?

Orphan care advocacy or writing.

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

The lesson that I learned from my mom that I carry with me every day, is simply how to be a mom and a wife that loves and gives without end.  Her example of sacrificial love, of keeping a home, and caring for her family, is what I model today.