Sheila Campbell

IMG_3139Sheila Campbell has been attending Harvest at the Plainview campus for about two years. She has three grown children and is currently raising her two teenage nephews.

What brings joy to your heart?
I enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning and I like to watch the sunset with my hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea. I love gardens, trees, vines, and flowers and spend lots of time trying to make things grow in the dry, barren, soil of the Plains. While I love all things beautiful, including pretty clothes and jewelry, I also enjoy raising dairy goats and chickens, wear mud boots and jeans, and am not opposed to getting dirt under my nails.

What area of ministry are you most passionate about, and why?
While I have not been attending a life group for very long, I love the mission of life groups. I think they serve an important role in integrating people into the church, and there are some within the church—especially single moms—who desperately need the support  and relationships that life groups provide.  My children were 14, 12, 11, and 8 years old when they lost their father. I finished raising them to adulthood alone. I made many mistakes and the Lord has been so gracious to my children despite my weakness and I am incredibly grateful for the people and the families the Lord brought into our lives during that time. I feel God has used my experience to give me compassion and a heart for single moms and a voice to help bring understanding to others who may not have ever experienced the unique challenges that face single parents raising children alone.


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