Katie Ssejjemba

Katie grew up in Lynchburg, VA where her love for animals started while living on her family farm. Katie competed in horseback riding and dog shows.

Katie has been married to her husband, Robert since 2003. Katie has 6 children ranging in age from 7-20: Demitrus, Teddy, Ernest, Isaiah, Mercy and Robbie. Katie and Robert have a passion for foster care and have opened up their home to many foster children in the past. Two of their children joined their family through adoption. 

Katie has a background in Social Work and is a licensed Clinical Social Worker helping people with their mental health as a therapist. One day Katie plans to combine her love for animals with therapy to provide animal assisted therapy. 

Katie and her family started attending Harvest Christian Fellowship when they moved to Plainview in the summer of 2019 and they have since called HFC their church home, serving in different ministries within the church. Katie currently serves in Kid City in the infants and toddler rooms. 

During her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and working with her dogs. Katie loves to travel and hopes to see the Rocky Mountains one day. 

  1. Who is your hero? And why? 

Although I am close to all my family and really value my parents and grandparents, I would have to say my hero would be my husband Robert. Everyday he supports me and guides me and makes me feel like I am important and loved. Robert encourages me to follow my dreams and then stands right next to me as I take them on. Robert is my hero because he never does anything halfway. Robert shows selflessness and humility by the way he puts his family first. I am truly blessed to call him my hero, husband and lifetime partner. 

  1. What is one event in your childhood that had the greatest impact on your life?

The biggest event in my childhood was going to the Holy Lands at age 18. I was able to travel to the Holy Lands with my dad on a guided tour in 1999. This trip impacted my life because it was the first time I had seen countries in poverty. I was able to walk where Jesus walked around the temple and streets of Jerusalem. I rode a camel up Mount Sani at sunrise and sang worship songs. I got to walk around Nazareth and visit several famous churches. This trip was an experience I will never forget because it made the Bible come alive to me with new images of what I saw with my own eyes.

  1. What bit of advice do you have for women today?

Today women carry so much stress and worry. My advice would be to pick and choose carefully where you spend your time, focus and energy. Life becomes overwhelming in an instant and can pull you away from where you want to be physically, emotionally and of course spiritually.  I encourage my clients to build in self-care throughout the day. I try to help women incorporate self-care into what they are already doing and include the ones they want to spend time with. Taking care of yourself does not always mean going to the gym or going on a vacation. It means finding fulfillment and filling up your emotional cup daily, so you can overflow to others, and not feel so defeated and overwhelmed.