Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams has been a member of Harvest for 9 years. Her and her high school sweetheart, Cole, have been married for 12 years.  Together they have a heart for ministering to families. They enjoy speaking to families about the truth God intends for a family dynamic instead of how the world tries to influence a family to live. Helping minister to parents on how to pour into their kids biblical truths is a deep passion of theirs. Bethany also enjoys serving in Kid City where she loves helping kids build their personal relationship with God. Bethany and her husband have four beautiful children: Gunnar, Remington, Daisy and Kimber. As a family they enjoy spending time riding the ATV around the farm and playing games together. Bethany is so grateful for Harvest Christian Fellowship and all the people who have crossed her path to help her grow in her relationship with Jesus. 

Who is your hero? And why?  My hero is my husband. I have seen him grow from a passive church goer to a man on fire for God who leads their family with love and boldness. 

What is one event in your childhood that had the greatest impact on your life? When I was 16 I saved my dad’s life (story for another time), but in that experience I have learned to react to difficult/unexpected situations in a calm and peaceful way. 

What lesson did you learn from your mom that you still live my today? My mom taught me to not wait until the last minute to complete a task. To this day, if asked, what is one my strengths I will say…I do not procrastinate, that’s what my momma taught me.