Lori Johnson

Lori grew up in Slaton, TX. She and her husband got married in 2013, moved to Plainview in 2018 when He got on at the Plainview Fire Department. They began attending Harvest at that time. Lori has a passion for worship, and ministering 1:1 through friendships. Lori and her husband adopted their 4 year old daughter Stevie from Taiwan,  and since then God has given Lori a passion for children’s ministry. Lori is a Nurse Practitioner currently working at home doing Telemedicine so she can be home with her daughter. Lori is so thankful for God’s faithfulness in her home and is grateful for Harvest’s biblical teachings on family. 

1: who is your hero and why? My hero is Lucas- my husband. He is so level headed, kindhearted, and sees good in most everything and everyone; while being discerning. He is joyful and wise.  I am thankful for his leadership in our family. 

2: what one event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life? my sister and I were Conjoined twins, separated when we were 1, and that has pretty much shaped most of my childhood. While growing up feeling unrelatable and “different” I  still felt the presence of God with me in some aspect. I’ve learned more about his role and purpose in it all as I’ve grown but, but God has shown me his healing, power, and faithfulness in it all. 

3: What Lesson from Mom do you still live by today? my mom never let me use my life circumstance as an excuse or reason to “sit out”. It has shown me Gods Glory shines in our weakness.