Mandy Villarreal

Mandy Villarreal grew up a tomboy in the small town of Tulia climbing trees, enjoying her hideout spots, riding her bike, and doing cartwheels wherever she went.

Mandy attended Plainview High, Wayland Baptist University and Colorado Christian University, gaining her Biblical Studies and Accounting certificates.  

Mandy has been married to her fun-loving husband, Alfred, for over 27 years.  They have two beautiful grown children, Briana and Matthew.  She is Mimi and he is Papa (Pawpaw) to two precious grandchildren, Ophelia Pauline Joy (Opie) and Donovan Michael Ray (Donnie)!

They have been a part of the Harvest Christian Fellowship for over 18 years.  Their family attended an HCF Fall Festival where their children could feel safe during the Halloween season and Harvest became their home in 2003.   They have been a part of several ministries at HCF throughout the years.

Mandy has been employed as the Account Manager at Sonny Walker Agency for over 14 years – providing our farmers and ranchers coverage for their sprinkler pivots and irrigation equipment.  Mandy also works spare-time with Symmetry Financial Group – providing mortgage protection and life insurance for families.

Mandy loves to Pinterest ideas to help create beauty around her – at her home, work or wherever she may serve.  She also enjoys photography, reading, hanging out with family while playing games or watching movies. 

Mandy is an exhorter and loves to encourage others, especially by handwritten notes! She is passionate about helping others, in whatever season of life they happen to be in.  

What one event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life?

One of my favorite memories is when my uncle, Albert, taught me how to tell time.  I felt inadequate when I couldn’t tell time, but he made me feel seen, loved, and valued and he helped me gain confidence in learning more.  This was a pivotal moment in my life because this is how I live life now.  I try to make people feel seen, valued, and welcomed.

Who is your hero? And why?

My hero is my mother, Julia Leyendecker.  My mom is strong, kind, generous and encouraging no matter what her circumstances may be.  My mom may not be trying, but she truly exhibits Jesus to me, my family and of course, to all her family.  That’s just who she is!

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

One of the lessons from my mom that I still live by…let me see – so many to choose from!  I think working hard in all that I do.  I saw my mom work hard all her life and I’ve always tried to emulate that.  I admire her strength and her character.  I also hope to age as gracefully as she has!