Georgia Wall

Georgia Wall


My name is Georgia Wall, I was born in Itasca TX, May 14, 1951 to Tommie and Ola Wilson. I married Jerry Wall November 6, 1993. We have a blended family of six children: 9 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.  I grew up in Plainview. My dad was a farmer for most of my childhood and my mom was a housewife. Jerry and I started going to Harvest February of 2014.  I’m very passionate about serving people and giving.  I love helping people with their needs in whatever way I can.





Who is your hero? And why?

My mom is and will always be my Hero. My mom loved and stood by me, more than anyone in this life time besides my children. 

What one event in childhood and the greatest effect on your life?

Watching my mom cook, clean, using flour sacks to make my sisters and me blouses and skirts, buy material to cover the furniture, plus everything else she did for her family, had the greatest effect on the way I do what I do for my family.

What do you enjoy doing most?

The most enjoyable times in my life are when I have all my children and grandchildren together in my home.  

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

I find myself many times, mimicking my mom in the way I’ve raised my children. From cleaning my house, to cooking, to praying for my children.  There are so many lessons from my mom I live by daily.  Sometimes when I pass the mirror, I stop, look and then smile and say, “I am my mother’s child.”