Janie Keller

Janie was born in Los Angeles, California in 1963. After her Mom divorced and remarried, she moved to Plainview Texas in 1974. Janie met her husband in the 7th grade, and four years after high school, they married. She and her husband, Murlyn, have two sons who are married, and five wonderful grandchildren. She and Murlyn will celebrate 35 years of marriage in May. Janie, and her family came to Harvest in 2013, searching for a place to heal and grow in Christ and relationships with others that were healthy and life giving. 

Janie is very passionate about music and leading people to a deeper worship experience with Jesus! Music is a powerful tool, and people will listen to the message in a song before they listen to anything else.

Janie and Murlyn are also passionate about marriage restoration and healing. After almost divorcing, the two are willing to help walk through the difficult road of restoration and healing with others. There is so much happiness and satisfaction in a strong healthy marriage. She also has a heart for helping women who have been abused, physically, mentally, and sexually.