Julie Posey

Julie Posey is a pastor’s kid who grew up in Lafayette, Indiana! Before marrying Shiloh, Julie was a city girl who lived in New York for 14 years. Julie also sang internationally in Japan( Tokyo Disney) and on cruise ships ( Holland America, Royal Caribbean and Crystal Cruise Lines).  After marrying her amazing husband, Shiloh Posey, Julie has been attending Harvest Christian Fellowship in Plainview  for the last 2 and a half years. She is active in and passionate about the worship, prayer and women’s ministries. She is a mother to  ” Sweet Caroline”, an active 18 month old baby and three fur babies. She is blessed to call West Texas home!

1.    Who is your hero? And why?– Corrie Ten Boom- hands down. She fearlessly followed Jesus and gave up everything to follow Him, even if it cost her life. She was able to see the greater, and take no thought to her own comfort. I would like to be like her in my old age, still bearing fruit till my final days.

2.     What one event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life? It was the day I gave my life to Christ. That near death experience on a family vacation( nearly drowned in a swimming pool ) is what lead my mom to explain the gospel very clearly to me. 

3.      If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have? I would be professionally singing, of that I am sure. I did that career for 20 plus years, and it was how I made a living in New York City.

4.     What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today? “You are always on call for the Lord.” She taught me that no matter what season I am facing in life, a season of plenty or lack- God always has a work for me to do. To this day, this gives me a sense of purpose and understanding that God never wastes anything in our lives. He  will always use what we deem as scraps and not useful as strategic stepping stones to accomplish His will.