Leslie Wall

My name is Leslie Wall and I am married to Bubba Wall. We have a 21 year-old son D’Angelo and a 16 year-old son D’Andre. We are the guardians of a 15 year-old girl named Haley. We started coming to Harvest about 2 years. We serve on the coffee team and just recently signed up to greet. You can feel the Holy Spirit as soon as you step foot in the door. We love Harvest so much. 

Who is your hero and why?  My hero is my dad because he taught me to love people and to talk to people. He’s worked in retail and has the best customer service and passed it to me. He worked 2 jobs to give us kid’s  the best. I’m the only girl so I’ve always been daddy’s girl. 

What books have had the greatest impact on your life? One of the best books that’s helped me in my walk with God is the purpose driven life. And the Bible. It’s the weapon I use to fight the enemy.

What is something you love to do? I love listening to praise and worship music and Harvest has the best!!! I love getting my hair done and I love watching football with my family!