Sharon Biles

Sharon and her husband, Robert, have been married since 2005.  They are Papa and Grammie to seven granddaughters that are 2 years to 18 years of age.  The grands are her treasures.  Her favorite activities include cooking, yardwork, music, amateur photography, and Rving with Robert. Sharon and Robert became members of Harvest Christian Fellowship in 2014. They serve on the coffee team and as Life Group hosts.  

What makes you come alive?  I feel most alive when I an able to serve God and share how His grace and forgiveness changed my direction in life.

 Who do you admire?  Without question it is Robert, my husband. He is a man who follows God and is a strong leader of his family. He has been a father figure and a Christian example for my sons. Through the best and worst, he has always been the one I know will love me unconditionally and is my greatest prayer warrior. He is my best friend.