Teresa Harriss

Teresa HarriesTeresa Harriss was born and raised right here in Plainview. She had two brothers and a sister. Her parents and one brother are deceased. Teresa and Gary were married 42 years when Gary passed away September 13, 2017. They have two beautiful daughters, Melissa Olguin and Kim Villanueva, two amazing sons-in-law and six unbelievably gorgeous granddaughters.  Teresa came to Harvest in June 2013.

Who is your hero?  And why?

God is my hero.  From a very early age I’ve felt His presence.  He has been with me, taking care of me, and has been by my side.

What books have had greatest influence in your life?

Hahaha!  This is a funny question in some ways.  I’m not an avid reader. The Bible is the only book I’ve ever read all the way through more than once.  It’s the only book I’ve ever felt was worthy of reading or studying over and over. Actually, I do like the  Jesus Calling devotional book by Sarah Young.  I try to read my devotional every day.  It always seems to fit just right for where I’m at that day.

What do I enjoy most?

I enjoy working in my yard and going to anything my granddaughters are involved in.