7 Must-Wins: Faith Righteousness

7 must winsWe are continuing our fall blog series, “7 Must-Wins.” With a uniquely personal twist toward us as women, we will address seven topics that must be understood and walked out in order for us to have success in this life. To start with Part 1 of this series, click here.

Faith righteousness. WOW what a big topic, I never would have fathomed that these two words could mean so much to my soul. Two simple words when put together can impact a believer to their core.

Faith—is the complete CONFIDENCE in things hoped for and assurance in the unseen.

Righteousness—Right standing between you and the Father, as it should be.

Put it together: Faith righteousness is complete confidence that I am in right standing with my Father, and I have assurance that my hopes and things that are unseen are as it should be between me and Him.

We all accept this free gift of righteousness when we become believers, but along the way, we all starting doubting. We doubt our sins are forgiven, we doubt his love, we doubt we are worthy enough. So we start working out of our own ability and taking things into our own hands, thinking we can earn His love through our works.

In my personal walk, I have had to come to a place of being confident to trust in my faith righteousness during the gaps in my life. What I mean is this: there are circumstances in life that we didn’t plan on, and a gap can be created between you and God. We get hurt, we lose a loved one, or we are in a transitioning season. But we must understand that even when our circumstances are not as it should be, we are ALWAYS as it should be with God. Understanding that, when gaps come our way, we can look up to the Father with complete confidence that we are in right standing with Him, even though the world around us is in complete chaos.

My encouragement today is to believe that you are as it should be. God sent us His Son so we could believe in Him and have righteousness that doesn’t need to be earned. It is a free gift, because he loves us…it is as it should be.

This post was written by Madi Mikael. 

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