Balance: Health & Wellness

workout3 John 1:2 “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” NKJV

Balance looks different for everyone. Things are constantly being added and subtracted from our lives as we move through seasons. We need to shift the fulcrum in different seasons to find balance; so my encouragement to us is to BE INTENTIONAL. Because our health affects us in such powerful ways (energy, discipline, motivation, etc.), I have discovered that finding balance in this area spills over into every area of my life.

I need something simple and practical, so here are the top 5 things that have helped me personally bring balance to health in my home.

1.  What is your why?
I think it’s so important to first ask yourself WHY you want to get healthy. Jonathan and I decided long ago, before we even started having children, that we wanted our family to be active together, to enjoy great adventures together, and to pass on a legacy of health!

2.  Keep Nutrition Simple
Eating healthy is simple, but not easy. I have about 10 different meals/recipes we eat on a regular basis. I usually have the things on hand to make these. They don’t have a ton of ingredients. I don’t go to 4 different specialty stores to find ingredients for a paleo dish I found on Pinterest! (ain’t nobody got time for that). Don’t buy what you don’t want to eat. This helps me not drink the 5 Diet Cokes I want to drink every day.

3.  Buddy up
The greatest thing that happened to my work out routine was my little work out buddy! She has like-values regarding her health. She pushes me when I’m lazy and don’t want to go, she pushes me in class when I don’t want to work hard, and I do the same for her.

buddies4.  Get your entire family on board
My husband and I are on the same page about not only our health, but our kids’ health (most of the time 😉 He helps me stay on point with the grocery shopping, and he helps me cook (it’s actually some of our best quality time when we cook together!) We cook one meal; everyone eats it. Do my kids LOVE Brussel sprouts? Not really, but they eat them, because we explain to them, just like reading or praying, it’s good for them… and they need to obey mom (and adding a little ranch will help almost anything taste a little better 😉

5.  Set an active goal
The greatest thing Jonathan and I started doing several years ago is signing up for races! We would train for them together, and run them together! We started with some 5k’s and from there began working our way up! It helps us stay focused on something, and look forward to something besides just another work out! There is a difference between working out and training. Training is typically forward focused and motivated by love, not fear.
Find something you love doing, not something you loathe!

Again, these are some things I found helpful and practical! I still crush an 8-piece at Chick-Fil-A (in fact, I did last nightJ)…balance.

I discovered long ago that being healthy is not merely a season of life or a new trend, it’s a lifestyle and it’s intentional!

This post was written by Kristen Wright. 

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