Debt Free

misc_decal_debt_free_blueWe reached a huge milestone in our financial life this week. We paid off my husband’s student loan and are now debt-free except for our home. What a journey!

While we were dating/engaged (can’t remember now!), we got involved in a “too good to be true” investment opportunity. We dreamed out loud about how we would spend the motherload just waiting to fill our bank accounts. It felt good to dream until we found out that our investment turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. I didn’t even know what that was at the time; just that the money we invested was gone. Thankfully, we didn’t invest more than we could walk away from and not be too sad. But when your heart is set on big $$$$, it can be a major let-down! We laugh about it today as we drive our used, but paid-for, vehicles, shop local sales, clip coupons and make out our monthly cash flow spending plans (thank you Dave Ramsey).

That was exactly eight years ago. I think it’s almost ironic that this week we finally said good-bye to debt. It feels really good. Here are a few things God taught us along the way.

  1. We learned financial discipline and faithfulness. God seems to be very comfortable with processes. He could’ve allowed us to make a lot of money in that Ponzi scheme, but in His divine wisdom He let us learn how to mature in our financial decisions. We’ve learned (and are still learning) how to work within the financial limitations we do have.
  2. We learned to do life in community. We have had to learn to receive help from others and it is humbling, but it’s not horrible. We’ve learned to bear each other’s burdens (think of someone under the crushing load of a boulder, not a backpack which each person can easily handle). God graciously sent people alongside us to teach us and miraculously give to us as an encouragement to stay the course. Now that we know what it feels like to receive help, we enjoy paying it forward as God gives us opportunity.
  3. Debt is slavery. It is very hard to be the extravagant givers our hearts long to be if we still owe other people and institutions money. Thank God Almighty we’re free at last!!!!

Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Father God, thank You for giving us Your best in Your Son Jesus Christ. Thank You for giving us the resources we need to do life spiritually, physically and emotionally. By the power of the Holy Spirit help us to walk out our freedom every day of our lives so we might live and help others live life to the full. Amen!

How has being in debt affected you and your family? What are your stories of becoming debt free?

This post was written by Jodi LaFrance. To read more about her, click here.

3 thoughts on “Debt Free

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jodi! And I agree! Working toward financial freedom feels SO good! Before Kingdom living, our lives were in a total state of bondage, financial being but one facet. Over the years we racked up a ton of debt, but by the grace of God, we have gone from being a credit card company’s best friend, to being their worst enemy! One by one we are nailing those payments and paying those cards off! It is a process….but such a freeing one as we watch those balances get lower and lower until..poof…they’re gone! One day very soon, we too, will be completely debt free…..and what a glorious day that will be! For now….we will enjoy the process and be grateful for the ability to do so! God has blessed us and we are overwhelmingly grateful for His provision and goodness to us! Love you, girl! And again….thanks for sharing!

  2. So good my friend! I love your zeal for the things God puts on your heart and your determination to experience all He has for you – you bless me and so many others. I am thankful for your gift of communicating what God’s doing in your life. Love you!

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