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Unshakable: (adjective) utterly firm or unwavering, incapable of being shaken.

Luke 6:47-49 tells us that anyone willing to come to the Lord and put His words into practice is like someone building a house on a foundation set upon a rock. The house can withstand any storm.

What we build our house upon may be all that is left after a storm passes…it matters!

Well, the only way to be unshakable is to have a solid foundation and you’ve got to start somewhere. Our journey started when I was told a diagnosis no mom wants to hear; death was inevitable for our unborn son. After an unexpected delivery at 28 weeks, he was diagnosed with 22 fatal conditions. He was beautiful, so very perfect in every way. After 3 surgeries, a few close calls and 66 days in NICU, he passed away peacefully as we held him.

His name was Callen Clark Wright and the journey of his incredibly short life changed our family forever…it made us unshakable.

When we first heard of a possible diagnosis, we laid the foundation for the situation before us and declared these things aloud: “We will not blame ourselves or each other, and most importantly we will NEVER blame God.” We had no idea what exactly was before us but we knew we had to have a foundation-a sturdy place to start.

During our time with Callen the one thing that remained true was that God was with us. Many people told us how they could clearly feel God’s presence and some could literally see Him. Most people do not understand how we are even still standing. Yes, the loss of a child is very painful in every way.

The grief process is not marked; there are no road maps to get through it, partly because it never ends. But there is hope. Hope that the foundation you built your family on will remain standing through the flood and will allow you to be unshakable in the midst of the process and eventually continue to build.

Being unshakable is not easy, and you cannot do it in your own strength. God is the key to becoming unshakable. He will help and guide you. God will bring joy from the pain. God is the perfect foundation to build upon because He is faithful, always constant, NEVER failing.

PRAY and call out to Him. God will meet you in your circumstance. No matter how small or big it may seem, He is still bigger. Nothing happens to us without passing through His hands first. He will allow us a chance to prevail and become stronger in our faith, but we must be unshakable in our relationship with Him to succeed.

Be encouraged! With God, YOU CAN DO THIS! All things are possible when He is your strength, your foundation, your UNSHAKABLE God Almighty!

This post was written by Victoria Wright. She attends the Plainview Harvest Campus with her husband Justin and two beautiful children, Caycen and Carly. 

3 thoughts on “Unshakable

  1. Precious Victoria…your faith & your strength is insurmountable. Thank you for sharing your heart…& the Source of your strength with us! Love you!

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