Our Values: Prayer and Worship

freedomsPrayer and worship create an atmosphere where everyone can experience the presence of God. Pastor Brad expounded on these core values in a powerful way during the “DNA of Harvest” series. Download the talk as soon as you can!

I’d like to share with you what prayer and worship mean to me day in and day out. I don’t see how one can separate prayer and worship. Prayer in this season of my life feels more like an opportunity to re-align myself with God’s heart. I still pray to ask for things from Father, but I also want to sense an increased closeness to hear what He wants to say to me. I want a deeper relationship with Him. Prayer and worship give me a pathway to come to Him and enter into that for which my heart so deeply longs.

It’s a chance to focus my attention on Him and what’s truly valuable in life. Worship inevitably begins to flow from my heart when I wait upon Him. I can’t help it. The more I focus my attention on who He is, what He’s done for me, what I will accomplish in the earth for His Name’s sake, I just can’t help but be grateful and awed, humble and exuberant, fierce and at rest. He’s so interesting! Prayer and worship open my eyes to see Him. I don’t want to miss it because I’m more taken with my issues, my problems or my pain.

Father taught me through prayer and worship that I am valuable to Him. He knows what I’m faced with each day. He’s not going to hang me out to dry, so to speak. Sometimes my circumstances may not look like I’d hoped, but He’s promised to never leave me nor forsake me. Prayer and worship give me an opportunity to declare His truth over my circumstances. I’m not denying that I may not feel good or that I’ve messed up in some way. What I am doing is choosing to recognize that He is greater than my pain or my regret. I am still right with God through the finished work of the cross in Christ. I will make Him my focus and allow Him to transform me rather than trying to fix myself out of my own resources.

Take a moment to think about the things you want to pass on to the next generation that you possess right now. I want my kids to have learned from me that no matter what their life experience is, they can always rise above it with prayer and worship. They can experience what gold will not buy and education will not provide if they will humble themselves and fix their gaze on the Lover of their souls.

This post was written by Jodi Leigh LaFrance. To read more about her, click here.

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