Balance Rocks_GraphicI am a stay-at-home mom with three part-time jobs: Zumba Jammer for Zumba Fitness, Zumba instructor for Bodyworks of Lubbock, and Zumba Program Coordinator for Bodyworks. I, as every other woman I know, am the master of multi-tasking—taking great pride in production and efficiency. Watch a movie? Sure! As long as I can get caught up on my ironing pile while we watch. Cook Supper? Of course! But let’s sort through the pantry while we’re at it. Have a tea party? Of course…while I fold laundry on the side. So you can only imagine how freaked out I was when the Lord challenged me to become a “single-tasker.” Is there such a thing? YES THERE IS! After all, we can only be in one place at one time anyway, right? Or can we? Sometimes I’m physically playing with my children, spiritually thirsty because of my lack of self-discipline that week, mentally going over choreography in my head for my next class, and emotionally drained trying to keep up with it all! How exhausting! So I decided to try this single-tasking thing out, and have discovered its incredible power to maintaining a peaceful, joyful, and balanced home!

When my boys are in school and Emma is napping, I get my Zumba jobs accomplished for the day: emailing, getting things ready for the next event, choreographing new routines, etc. I complete my work-related tasks with excellence, since I devote all of me to them. I can now switch over to another “category” of life when I pick up my kids—not worried about other things…just being completely present. This category includes all that mommyhood involves: training, cooking, disciplining, teaching, playing, comforting and loving on my kiddos. Zumba time: Time for another “switch.” I don’t feel guilty that I’m not at home picking up the house or spending time with my husband. I don’t get upset that I’m not on a girl’s night out or watching my favorite show. Nope, those aren’t in this category of life. What is, though, are women looking to be inspired and to stay motivated to live healthy lifestyles.

Then it’s time to run home. We have supper and hang out as a family making memories, and soon get ready for bed with laughter, stories, prayer, and cuddles. And yet again, another “switch.” A switch to husband time comes where I’m fully present and ready to be with him emotionally, physically, and mentally. What a blessing it is to our husbands when we are fully theirs!

Now, not every minute of our day can be compartmentalized with no “overlapping.”  But I’ve learned to engage where the Lord has me, and pursue peace, not chaos. You know what else I’ve learned? It’s okay. When I follow His peace in every area and circumstance, while fully engaging in that moment, it’s all okay. I do things with excellence, passion and purpose because it’s WHO I AM, not because it’s what needs to be done. I rest in His peace and my identity in Him.

This post was written by Brandi Wilson. 

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