What If We Were Real

vulnerability sign_imageThere’s a song by Mandisa that says:
“What if I share my brokenness,
What if you share how you feel,
What if we weren’t afraid of this crazy mess,
What if we were real?”

I’ve been wrestling with this one. Because life is messy, and it doesn’t always turn out the way we planned.

When I was growing up and went to church camp as a young girl and a teenager, I would tell God that I’d do anything, go anywhere for Him. I would ask for Him to take my life and change my heart.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’m learning that sometimes actually following God with all my heart is very painful. Something that sounds as “easy” as healthy relating, or forgiving, or embracing a new season, or surrendering…can be excruciating.

And here I thought I was going to be a missionary across the ocean for the rest of my life…Learning to be vulnerable with the people I live with right here is much harder. Learning to get in God’s truth about me, and be open because I know who I am—even if I might be wounded again…even though I am terrified.

So, what if I’m not “perfect”? What if I don’t measure up in the ways that I think I should?

What if I’m just quirky, emotional, creative, and compassionate? What if I’m the one who loves hot tea and crocheting and singing in the car with the windows down? What if I’m the one who loves standing in the rain, looking at the stars out in the country, and worshipping freely? What if I am far from perfect, but beginning to walk through this season of healing, and learning to be grateful and embrace every moment—no matter what it looks like?

What if I am—what if you are—the one who is healing, learning, loving, forgiving, embracing, rejoicing, interceding, and opening up?

Yes, it can be messy. Yes, it can even be painful. But, it is freeing. And it’s so worth it.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I’d like to take this time to make a shameless “plug” for the upcoming Life Giving Women’s Retreat. 🙂

Coming to the Women’s Retreat can be intimidating for many. Most probably think at one point or another, “The last place I want to be is spending a whole weekend with a couple hundred other women!” But from the smiling faces that greet you at the door, to the kind room leaders, to the creative ones who decorate the tables so beautifully, you know that this is femininity expressed as you’ve never seen it before. Here, you are encouraged to be real, to be yourself, to laugh out loud, to cry, to be embraced, and to feel inspired.

Every year at the Women’s Retreat, I come away in amazement at the kindness of women. It is a place where you will be challenged to be open and vulnerable, but it is also a place of healing. You will build friendships and be blessed in ways that only godly women can bless other women.

So, choose to take courage, step out, and discover what your heart looks like—as a woman. Please, take the plunge this year—come to the women’s retreat! You can register online by clicking here.

This post was written by Heather Dillard. To read more about her, click here.

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