Easter’s on the Way!

If my life lately has a metaphor, it’s the Good Friday through Easter holiday. Frankly, I’ve been stuck on Good Friday (that awful day) for a while!  My husband and I have weathered deaths, our parents’ changing health (including my mom having a major heart attack and going into full cardiac arrest in front of me), my husband retiring from farming, various other major life changes, and our son graduating from Tech and moving 10 hours away. Those things plus the everyday-ness of life has just be A LOT lately. It’s been the Friday before Easter in our lives for many months.

But…the hope beyond those seasons of ‘Fridays’ is that Easter—that glorious fulfilment of Scripture—is on the way!! I’ve often asked myself, “What would you do without your faith in Him? Where would you be without it? What if I didn’t have the promise of the cross?” I tell the Lord often, “We have come so far,  you and I.  You have been so good to me in the midst. You alone have shown me the path through this season of sacrifice, pain, sorrow, change. You alone have gone to battle before me and for me. Thank You. Thank You. Thank you.”

Philippians 1:6 often comes to mind…actually I’ve worn it out by leaning on it so much!  Simply put, God finishes what He starts. He carries it through. In the ugly, the good, the tears and the laughter, He never fails us. That scripture goes on to clarify that He will carry on that work until His return. Wow! What a promise!

The kicker is that while He’s doing His thing…you know, carrying on the work He’s started in me…am I doing mine? Am I trusting Him on the Good Fridays of my life? If I were honest, I would say that’s where the lesson is for me now: to lean into Him and not to lean on myself or circumstances. To fully trust in Him and His Word is the only rest and hope I have that I will even make to my ‘Easter.’ To drop off my fears and worries at the foot of cross because, as His child, my burdens are His to carry. He paid a beautiful, terrible price for them.

In the Bible, a lot happened in those three days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday! Christ’s crown of thorns was removed, death was overcome, the grave was emptied in the most wonderful example of God finishing was He started!  I’m so thankful to have Christ in my life! It may be Friday for me today…but Sunday’s on the way!!

This post was written by Deborah Smith. To read more about her, click here.

One thought on “Easter’s on the Way!

  1. That is INCREDIBLE truth, Deb! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us. You encourage me. Love you!!

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