Green Acres

When my husband and I went on our first date to a Texas Tech Homecoming game 27 years ago, I was completely smitten. My best friend Nancy knew after my second date with him that one day we would be married. Something in the way I talked and how my eyes sparkled whenever his name was mentioned, she said. She was certain of this before I was!

That’s what’s so cool about God. He knows us better than we know ourselves. About four months prior to our first date, you could say I’d had a little “heart to heart” with God. As I lay in my bed, the tears rolled off my cheeks and dampened my pillow. I had had enough. I was tired of feeling trampled emotionally by those whom I loved, and by those from whom I desired acceptance. I was tired of being asked out by some of the strangest men on planet Earth. And what’s really pathetic is I went out with them!! I guess some people would call that desperate. Yep.

Feeling very unloved, unaccepted, and ugly to the core, I turned this all over to the Father. My love for Christ has been unwavering since I trusted in Him as a young child. But, I had finally reached a point where I said, “God, You are the only one I need. I will seek Your approval alone. It’s You I will devote all my love and attention to. I’m through with dating, through with men. If I EVER date again, it’ll be only if You push him in front of me!”

That fall semester a little country bumpkin named Michael and his college roommate visited my church. It wasn’t what you’d call instant attraction for me, but it didn’t take long before I noticed his endearing smile. Then, it was his great sense of humor. And oh, what an unselfish, caring, genuine heart he had! We became fast friends and then soon fell in love.

Over the years Michael has made me feel at ease as he taught me farming ways. He likes to say, “Sweetie, at least with you, life won’t be boring!” This usually comes after I’ve created my own little disasters such as sucking up a mouse with my Kirby vacuum or after I’ve chopped off another water faucet with a riding lawn mower! Just the other day, I shared with Michael that I have so much joy in my heart and that I know where it comes from! It comes from the peace God has granted me to face any situation, and from knowing what I was called by Him to do – be a helpmate and a mother.
~Psalm 84:11-12 “For the Lord God is our light and protector. He gives us grace and glory. No good thing will the Lord withhold from those who do what is right. O Lord Almighty, happy are those who trust in you!”

This post was written by Cristie Harrell. To read more about her, click here.

3 thoughts on “Green Acres

  1. Cristie, what a beautiful story. It was 26 years ago that I married into the farming community (this “city girl” with two bankers for parents), and what a ride it has been. I wouldn’t trade it. There’s something about farming that makes us realize that we must totally rely on God, and what a blessing to know He’s in control.

  2. Cristie, what a lovely post. I married into the farming community 26 years ago (from a background of two banking parents), and what a ride it has been. I wouldn’t trade it. Farming makes us realize that we must totally rely on God, and that we can relax because He is in control.
    Keep up the writing. You are doing a great job. Have you considered joining Witness Writers?

  3. Oh Cristie… are so precious and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! So many of us need your God-given wisdom and strength! Love you, sweet friend!

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