Community Within a Life Group


When I think of a thriving life group, I equate it with the word  community. Life groups are really special to me because the leaders and people who attend those groups are fun to be with. In the life group that I attend, I’ve noticed that we are all a conglomeration of mixed personalities and occupations. But within our life group, we find the common ground of praying for each other and encouraging each others’ walk with the Lord.

The leaders of my group have a good grasp on what it means to live a life fully serving the Lord. While we are discussing the questions of the week based on Sunday’s sermon, they are always eager to listen to our stories and share their own experiences, too. Even they will admit that they do not have all the answers, and that they certainly don’t live a perfect life. But what makes my life group so personal to me is that they are trying to follow the Lord and are willing to share joys and hardships that they have experienced. This type of vulnerability makes it easier for everyone in the group to open up and share any questions or related situations we’ve faced.

I have two favorite parts of my life group! One is the food that is served! I’ve been to some life groups who ask each person to bring a dish and share a potluck dinner before the previous week’s sermon is discussed. In our group we have elected to pay five dollars each week to have a homemade meal. It is delicious! Another favorite of mine is the time that we take to pray for each other. Currently our life group leaders have decided to choose a person or couple to pray for throughout the week. Then the following week, the entire group is invited to share what they have heard from the Lord about that person. Our leaders also open up the floor to anyone who needs prayer, and our group prays for individual requests of the week. This prayer time helps everyone in our group to have a part in the fellowship and spiritual aspect of our life group, and I think it is vital in building a community.

What is your favorite part of life groups?

If you are not currently involved in a life group, now is a great time to join one! Life Groups kick off for the fall semester on August 20th! Click here to learn more about life groups, find a group that fits you and your family, and get plugged in to community! You can also pick up a copy of the Life Group Directory in the church foyer on Sunday mornings.

This post was written by Hannah Dillard. 

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