creativity 2Immediately after being asked to share on creativity, I started thinking on what to write. Weeks later I found myself still thinking…and thinking…and thinking, but nothing was coming to mind. Just as I started to panic, a memory bubbled up in my heart. Growing up, my mother and I loved sitting together snuggled up on the couch watching our favorite decorating shows. I distinctly remember an episode where the host explained how decorating isn’t done through thinking out the design; it’s through seeing the design in your heart and letting it come to life. I then realized why I couldn’t think of anything to write. Creativity isn’t done through thinking; it’s done through living from one’s heart.

A recent sermon series at our church explained this concept incredibly well. We are to live from our hearts—ultimately letting the dreams God has placed in us come to life. God is the supreme example of creativity; after all, he did create you and all that encompasses this life and the next. If we truly believe that God is in us, then we have an endless reservoir of creativity waiting to be tapped into. We only need to live from our heart and let creativity have room to grow and breath.

It saddens me to hear people express that they don’t have a single creative bone in their body. Or even worse, compare their creative abilities to others around them, saying they aren’t as creative as Mrs. Crafty Glue Gun. To say that creativity can only look one way is actually the complete opposite of creativity. All of us are handmade with unique ways to creatively express God’s love and bring his kingdom to those we encounter. Take the tools God has equipped you with and see how many different ways you can use that to bring his kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy to your piece of earth. Simply put: How can I take what I have, and transform it into something meaningful?

Some of my favorite memories are when someone chose to dare greatly, live from their heart, and express a message that I was wanted, thought of, and cared for deeply. Hopefully by sharing some of these moments with you, you will begin recognizing all the different ways God can use you to love on his people:

– Handwritten notes my mom would tuck away in my sack lunch.
– My husband pulling to the side of the road so we could dance to a song playing on the radio.
– Sitting on our pillows to watch Kung Fu Panda while eating Chinese noodles.
– Having a date in the dining room section of JC Penny’s.

These moments have reminded me of my righteousness, brought peace to my heart and have filled me with joy. Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” I am so thankful for all the creative ways God shares his love with me, and for those courageous enough to be used by him.

This post was written by Abbie Kellum. To read more about her, click here

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