7 Must Wins: Overcoming the Fear of Lack

7 must winsThis week is our final installment of the Must-Win series. If you missed any previous posts, you can start with Part 1 here.
As a reminder during this Christmas season: Jesus came so that you do not have to live in the fear of lack, but out of the abundant life that He gives! 

Overcoming the fear of lack changed my life.

The fear of lack led me to some ugly places. It motivated me to do things of which I am not proud. It made me feel like I was in a constant state of not having enough and not being enough. You know:

Not smart enough.
Not quiet enough.
Not rich enough.
Not skilled enough as a wife/mother/friend.
Not pretty enough.
Not organized enough.
Not serving enough.

It manufactures lies and pain. The lies sound something like my own accent whispering, “Why don’t you try harder? After all God has done for you how can you be so ungrateful? You are a disappointment.”

The fear of lack waits until I am about to accomplish a goal and then it moves the goal line just a little further out of reach.

God says otherwise.

He says I am complete, whole and lacking nothing. Because I performed well enough? No. Because Jesus Christ went the distance. Through His life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension, He exchanged His righteousness and integrity for my lack.

Now my work is not to grovel. My work is to BELIEVE I am who He says I am.

He bestowed upon me dignity, beauty and worthiness. He says in Christ I am enough and I have enough.

This changes everything. I quit demanding from others what only God can give me. It’s not my husband’s or my kids’ fault I can’t be myself. I choose to show up and be seen because I am enough.

What is at stake if I lose this battle with the fear of lack? Wholeness.

At some point I have to drive a stake in the ground and believe that God is not holding out on me. He truly gave me what I need to do life in this season of life. It’s up to me to engage and take action. Show up. Be seen. Believe that I have something to offer because of who I am in Christ. This is not perfection. This is COURAGE. And it is INSPIRING!

Will I experience failure? Yes. Will I get some sand kicked in my face? Probably.

Am I saying I have to give my life to something I don’t want to and don’t enjoy? No. I’m saying I quit hiding behind excuses for not speaking up and not acting on what God has called me to even when the going gets tough. God extends an invitation for us to come awake. LIVE. Dare greatly in the arena instead of playing it safe as a spectator of my own life.

Friend, your life counts. Your family needs you to engage and quit believing that you’re not enough. Your workplace needs you to show up and let your ideas be seen. Your community needs you to speak up for what is right and decent.

What actions will you take when you believe you are whole, complete and lacking nothing in YOUR life?

This post was written by Jodi Leigh LaFrance. To read more about her, click here.

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