Permission to Act Like a Child

child 1I am a huge fan of hypothetical situations. I often laugh out loud at hypothetical “what ifs” that play through my mind. In accordance with this pastime, I often think about “what if” we reacted to things the same way as children? Can you imagine?

I am disappointed that my favorite class at the gym got cancelled so I proceed to throw a pathetic tantrum at the front desk. Someone cuts in front of me at the store when I am in a huge hurry…and I respond by tattling to the checker while bringing my shoulder low and pushing my body in front of the person that cut me in line. This brings a smile to my face, but is not acceptable in the least.

While this picture of childlike behavior paints a picture of immaturity and a lack of skills to deal with difficult situations, I have recently begun to consider the spiritual lessons and wisdom that I can gain from my five-year-old daughter, Conley. Recently, I found her in our hallway closet in declarative prayer. My son had jumped off of something and hurt himself (Disclaimer: He was adequately supervised. He is just an intense and very fast child). I was tending to him, and when he settled down, I could hear Conley in the closet speaking the truth of Scripture and declaring him “healed.” She came out and said, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about him. The Bible said God can heal and so he’s ok.”

In another situation, she had heard a story on the radio about a veteran who could not find employment. She asked my husband to pray with her in the truck. She spoke the truth of Scripture over him and a few weeks later told me, “Mom, we don’t have to worry about that man from the radio station. God hears our prayers and he will handle it.” I could share numerous other stories where I have been reminded of how simple Scripture really is when it comes to truth.

Children are able to view the truth of Scripture in a way that is less jaded and distorted when compared to adults. I have been so overwhelmed with God’s generosity as he reveals his strength and truth through my own adult-sized pride. As I have taken lessons from my 5-year-old, it has shaped my prayer life. I now declare God’s specific scriptural truths over my family in the same way as my child. I find peace and freedom in discovering and declaring those truths over my family each day.

I encourage you to seek out scriptural truths to refute the lies you have led yourself to believe, and end the battles you thought you had to fight. Pray from a declarative position as I was so humbly taught by my child. I hereby give you permission to act like a child.

This post was written by Lindsey Wesley. To read more about her, click here

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