The Heart of Adoption

adoptionAdoption: the act or process of giving official acceptance or approval to something.

Wow, that definition just makes my heart sing!!! Today, I’d like to share my family’s story with you. My husband (John) and I had a battle with having birth children. We did have our first daughter (Mckenzie) fairly easily, but when we decided it was time to grow our family, it wasn’t so easy. We started seeing a fertility specialist and exhausted every option and emotion we had. One day as we were driving to work, God laid it heavily on both our hearts at almost the exact same moment that he had great plans to grow our family…it just wasn’t in the way we were going. It was adoption, providing official acceptance to a fatherless child. That very day we stopped seeing the fertility doctor, gave it all to our Father, and left it all there with complete peace.

We went from there to CPS and began the licensing process to foster/adopt. The process took a bit of time for us and kind of frustrated us at times, but we held on to the promise that God had great things planned for us!! On October 14, 2010 (my birthday), we were contacted that we had been a chosen home for a 2-year-old boy!! His plan was perfect!! God cares about every detail. That was the best birthday gift I could have ever received, Braydon…our son!!

The moment he walked through the door he called me ‘mommy’ and my husband ‘daddy.’ My heart melted. He knew he was HOME!!!

He has taught us a love that’s different—a truly unconditional love. He has added so much to our lives!! He is OUR son, and our lives have been forever changed by him. You see, the definition of adoption says giving acceptance and approval to someone, and that’s exactly what our son did for US!! He’s made a difference in our lives just as much or more than we have made in his!! He stretches us to grow more and more every day. He’s shown us our Father’s love, the true spirit of adoption!!

If you are struggling today, I challenge you to press in and let God speak to your tender heart exactly his plans for you…he’s a good, good Father!!

God had already decided that through Jesus Christ he would make us his children—this was his pleasure and purpose.

Ephesians 1:5

This post was written by Kisa Luther. 

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