My White Picket Fence

white picket fencePsalm 16:5-6 “Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.”

When I think about this verse I think of a beautiful white picket fence surrounding a precious little home with a gorgeous yard. The grass is green and lush, and the flowers are in full bloom. The trees are large and cast a glorious shade. Hanging from one of the branches is a swing. On the spacious front porch are a couple of rockers. My husband Michael and I are sitting in the rockers on the front porch watching our three kids play in the front yard. It is absolutely heavenly! All that is inside the picket fence is mine! Outside the fence are my neighbors’ yards, all beautiful in their own unique way—none the same!

In the picture I described, the picket fence is the “boundary lines.” What is inside the picket fence is what God has given me: His best for me! It is who I am and what I was created for. All of God’s gifts and the wonderful treasures he has in store for me lie within this fence, these boundaries.

These so-called boundary lines were designed to be precious and life-giving to me. I have to choose to be thankful for them and enjoy them! This is not always easy. This verse in Psalms is a call to find who Christ has called you to be, who the Father created you to be, and live fully right there!

My boundary lines (who I am and what I was created for) never change, but how I live that out changes with the seasons of life. Part of what God has called me to be is a wife and mom! It is one of my greatest joys.  When my kids were little, I stayed home full time. But as they have gotten bigger I have taken on more things outside the home. As another example, I am not a public speaker. It is not my gifting. On the other hand, I love to pray, intercede, dig into God’s Word and minister to people by interceding for them and encouraging them. It is part of what God created me for. It brings life! Discovering this and being okay with it has brought such freedom to me. I have grown and begun to flourish in finding who I am, what my boundaries are, and staying within them.

All that God has for us is found within the parameter of our boundaries. So who are you? What are you created for? Where are your boundary lines? I challenge you to go before God and start asking him. He is longing to show you; He wants to give you his best! And his best is found within your picket fence 🙂

This post was written by Tissie Beasley. To read more about her, click here.

One thought on “My White Picket Fence

  1. Thank you Tissie – I have watched you live this out and help others do the same. What a freeing word! Love you!

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